Activities & interests

Past and present, personal, spiritual and professional activities and interests. 

Member as of 2018 of network Happy Planet Professionals: socially conscious independent professionals who want to contribute to a better world in every way, but especially in business. About 1,5-2 years on the board.

We hold yearly reviews to ensure we walk our talk.

In the reviews we work with the Sustainable Development Goals

Several members are now incorporating working with the Inner Development Goals

In 2013, I encountered the Jungian psychological model of the Innerlijke Familie (inner family).

Subsequently I was trained to work with it in one-on-one coaching and for teams. Every year I take classes to enhance my ability to use it. 

“As people, as a team and as an organization, you possess a number of types of intelligence: the ability to gather, process and convert information into results.”

The four intelligence types: our social-emotional, cognitive-intellectual, physical-intuitive and creative intelligence.

Quote from founder Arienne Klijn.

From 2008 to 2015, I hosted gatherings for women interested in personal & spiritual development. Main focus: ownership and response-ability for one’s own light, inner development and manifestation.

In the process of restarting this network.

Started with one Bushcraft weekend in 2011 and took two year long programs. Late 2022, I spent 5 nights and 5 days in the Scottish woods living off the land.

We left base camp with one knife, one 1-liter Billycan and several artificial & homemade fishing lines.

We returned three kilos lighter having lived the experience of a lifetime and with a big smile on our face!

As of 2020, member of the Werkvereniging. Association committed to fundamentally reforming the existing labor market and social system by uniting Modern Workers.

Aimed at creating a social system in which securities are linked to people rather than to their formal relationship to the labor market.

In 2015, I took Level 1, 2 and 3 trainings in Deep Democracy with Jitske Kramer of Human Dimensions.

Its main principle is that when you have to make decisions, you are best of when you incorporate the wisdom of the minority that may not agree with the majority viewpoint: “maximizing the wisdom of the group”.

Another strong point is that “by not avoiding differences and opposing opinions and instead involving them, the undercurrent in groups becomes visible and manageable.”
Quotes from Human Dimensions. 

Vegetable garden

Starting off in 2018, I first rented a veggie garden with two friends. As of 2020, I’ve been renting my own plot of 100m2.

It was hugely neglected as you can see. Right now it is a source of green fun, inspiration and, homegrown veggies!

Learning by doing and a great way to let go of any perfectionist tendencies!

Land van Ons or Land of Ours in English, is a citizens’ cooperative where joint ownership brings about change.

In 10 years’ time they want to contribute to a new ecological structure of 15% of Dutch farmland aka 300.000 acres. Together with the farmers on the various lands, the fields and pastures and managed sustainably. I’m a member and donate yearly.

From 2013 to 2020, I co-organised local events for local business network BIZON for independent entrepreneurs. Chairwoman from 2018 to 2020.

Including working together with other local business networks and the local municipality. 

Co-founder of the energy cooperative EnergiekBaarn and active from 2014-2018. Started as secretary, last two years as chairwoman with the goal of making our village energy neutral by 2030. How? Via cooperation with residents, local government and entrepreneurs.

On November 2nd, 2017, the local Baarns Climate Agreement was signed.

More than 70 parties including the Municipality of Baarn, all locally active political parties, entrepreneurs, institutions and residents signed up. As chairwoman of EnergiekBaarn, I ran this project.

In 2019, I developed an infographics with designer Hilde Kokshoorn to support, stimulate and inspire local SMEs in making their businesses more sustainable.

Part of a 2018-2020 assignment in which I laid the foundations for the POB Sustainable Foundation which informs, stimulates and facilitates companies and institutions in Baarn to become more sustainable.


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