Three stories of hope and happiness: four women’s journey of transformation

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This blog contains three stories about four women who created hope and happiness for themselves and hundreds or even thousands of women and children. 

You can do this too!

Who you are and how you ensure you take care of your own happiness influences your business success.

Allow yourself to be inspired…

Nr 1. A personal journey to happiness

Nothing needs to be the way it’s always been is the story of a young girl growing up in a world that is nothing short of a fairytale. Except, she somehow found herself living in Wicked County, one of many counties in Happy Childhood Land. Her life was tough with stepdads and abuse and all kinds of misery. 

One of three stories of hope and happiness - book by trauma therapist Dawn Walton
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This young girl grows up

Finds herself married to this wonderful hubby. Becomes mom to this wonderful boy. And to this wonderful girl. Runs a marathon. Has an international job. Publishes a book. Has great friends.

And suffers a great loss 

Her beautiful first born son is taken from her, just one month after his birth.

And all the while, her memories and imprints from “Wicked County” continue to colour her every-day existence in such a way that when her daughter asks her whether she is happy, she cannot honestly say “yes”. 

The book is about how she made sure her daughter will never need to ask if mommy is happy every again. ‘Cause mommy is. Happy. Finally.

The young girl somehow managed to find her passport and sneak out of Wicked County. She went on an incredible road trip. Discovered other interesting counties she can decide to live in and eventually finds herself setting up home in the newly discovered Land of Happiness.

And now helps others

In the meantime, this beautiful woman has become a therapist herself and is now able to help many other people on their journey, having paved the way.

Nr 2. A shared journey creating happiness for over 284,000 women in India

The second story is of 2 women with a mission who have found a way to not only live their own dream but at the same time, while living theirs, enabling thousands of other moms, other women, to begin to live theirs.

Logo Foundation Women on Wings
284,800 sustainable jobs in 2020 by Women on Wings

You do NOT have to be a mathematician or sociologist, or even a woman or mom yourself, to understand how this impacts the lives of more than double that number of children, positively. Imagine. The only thing it took to get started was a dream.

THIS dream is called Women on Wings.

Nr. A suitcase filled with Happiness or Gelukskoffer in Dutch

Would it not be wonderful if all of our children took classes in Happiness at school?

And get support in understanding their own role in creating Happiness? Especially necessary for kids who may not come from peaceful and happy families. 

Last of three stories of hope and happiness - the Gelukskoffer - Dutch school program for children to learn about happiness

That is what my last story is about. 

About a very creative single mom of three, who teamed up with her sister and friends, and created a life changing program for kids about HAPPINESS.

Kids are offered a series of “Lessons in Happiness”. They receive a “Gelukskoffer” or Suitcase of Happiness at the beginning of their journey and they get to fill it themselves with talents, gratitude, sharing, happiness and more.

They have reached over 300 schools in the Netherlands that teach their program to young kids. Kudos for these sisters! 

Three stories of hope and happiness: four women’s journey of transformation

At some point they realised it was time for hope, happiness and a journey.

Be it for themselves, their daughter, other women, their own and other children, partners, friends or colleagues and more.

They decided that it was time.

They took response-ability for creating hope & happiness


  • I find these stories an incredible inspiration and one that I believe to be very true.
  • And yes, I am very proud to say that I know all four women personally.
  • I believe strongly in taking ownership. In taking response-ability.
  • I have worked on packing my very own Suitcase with my very own stories of Happiness.
  • I know it takes a effort, daily, to make a difference. Whether in your own life or that of someone else.
  • there are still a number of things I wish to create, live, experience and… give.

What is your relationship with hope & happiness?

What about your hopes and dreams? What about your relationship with happiness? How was your journey as a child? What is in your suitcase of happiness? How do you live and give happiness in your life? 

PS: you can make a contribution to these three stories yourself:

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